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Anti-Choice ≠ Pro-Life

Just a few days' shy of the end of Black History Month, a four-color poster from Life Dynamics Incorporated came across my desk at church. On the front were an African-American man and woman, arms crossed, faces serious.

The copy read: "Black History Month is important. But we're more concerned about something that's happening right now. It's called...Black Genocide."

The sketch on the poster's flip-side is of a "surgeon" with a blood-stained cleaver in one hand, a cigarette in the other and a Ku Klux Klan sheet on his head.

The copy reads: "Meet Planned Parenthood. It's the New Klan doing what the Old Klan never could.

"Yes, you've got it. Life Dynamics Incorporated, out of Denton, Texas, wants to do away with an individual's right to choose a safe, legal abortion.

And just above a photo of an aborted fetus, we read "Today, more African-Americans are executed by the abortion industry every week than were lynched by the Old Klan in over 150 years." It further claims that abortion is now the most effective tool ever devised for voter suppression.

To learn more about this new "Klan's" (Planned Parenthood) pernicious racism, we are invited to watch the anti-abortion documentary, "Maafa21: Black Genocide in the 21st Century."

Made in 2009 by Life Dynamics founder and president Mark Crutcher and in alignment with its mission against legalized abortion and birth control, the film argues that the high rate of abortion among African Americans is part of Planned Parenthood's attempted genocide or maafa, a Swahili word meaning "tragedy" or "disaster."

On its website, the Life Dynamic mission statement claims they are "Pro-Life, without compromise, without exceptions and without apology" and boasts that they are "best known for our undercover stings and groundbreaking research into the abortion issue and the industry that capitalizes on it."

The website also provides a trove of resources to scare pregnant women and arm anti-choice activists with a range of shock propaganda--videos, handbooks, checklists, brochures. These include the "Pro-Choice Death List" and "Siege: The Pro-life Field Manual." "An Unborn Child's Final Words to the Pro-Life Movement" is voiced by a fetus and the "Abortion Procedures Animation Video" is described as not being "too gruesome for the average abortion minded woman to view."

Additionally, because Life Dynamics claims that women are routinely forced to have safe, legal abortions, there is a document to fill out that will rescue a woman from that fate--even if she affirms that she has, in fact, chosen to have an abortion. (Women--what do they know?) The website describes "The Life Dynamics Force Form" this way:

"This FREE form, when used correctly, legally documents that any abortion done on the client, regardless of what she says at the clinic, would be against her will. Clinics know that if they receive this signed document and decide to do an abortion anyway, they could be faced with civil suits and sometimes criminal charges. This form makes a client almost "radioactive" to clinics in the area."

Wow, "radioactive!" I am aglow and I'm not even pregnant.

So Life Dynamics' website is chock-a-block full of anti-abortion tools. But wait! Wait!

Where, I wonder, are the resources to address the ills of racism the poster seems to decry?

Where are the resources to help pregnant women get access to healthcare and childcare?

Where are the advocacy tools to promote governmental funding of programs that provide food for families, subsidies for low-income housing and job training?

But nowhere on the website did I see any indications that the quality of black lives matter--or anybody's lives matter--outside the womb.

Life Dynamics' narrowly focused mission is to take away an individual's right to choose to bear a child or not. But the tools to combat racism? The means to provide care and sustenance for families through WIC or SNAP? Family planning options so that every child is a wanted child?

There is not a word about all that. Life Dynamics may be anti-abortion, but it can't with any accuracy call itself pro-life. Not for the half-life of a minute.


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