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Pesto: A Sonnet

Takes longer to write a sonnet than it does to make the great, green elixir......and longer still to savor a plate of it on fettucine.....

The basil—green, fresh-washed and dried,

The oil virgin to the core,

Garlic and cheese, both well-applied

Are all you need and nothing more.

That is, unless you want it more enriching

with toasted and chopped-fine pignoli.

Add butter, softened—so bewitching--

Cracked pepper makes the pesto holy.

You whir the leaves in your machine,

Then pour the fragrant, golden oil

Into a maelstrom basil-green--

Et voila! Here's pesto, rich and royal!

Now all give thanks for summer’s splendor!

(And cook your pasta just till tender.)

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